AoE: DE Beta not to be found in Insider Content

I made sure that I’m using the right microsoft account and that I actually got into the insider program; it clearly says:
“Welcome back, Age Insider!
You’re already signed up as an Insider! Visit your profile page to review and update your account information!”,
on the webside.


Hi dude,

Same case here, invitation is Ok but no content in my “Xbox Insider Hub” profile…

We should wait few hours again and will see it ^^’

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Same here.
Even tried to reload the hole Xbox-Insider-Hub, didn’t help.
Wait and see as XSevenX41 said.^^


Hello there, as I got in email the AOE II DE will be up in insider hub 10 am pacific time. For central european summer time it is tonight 7:00 pm. What is your timezone sir?


I was thinking that it could be that. Yeah, of course, it’s not time yet. Thanks for the hands up HandledBrige47

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I received the invitation, I have the windows version 1903, I opened my xbox game hub but it does not show the age of empires to download.

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Its only available as of 19:00 CET , thats in 2h10min from now

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Check again,. Just showed up for me now

how?? I cannot find it. I am logged into my microsoft account and its not there

nah nothing om me… i have the latest win10 update anyway

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No tile for me either.

did u download xbox insider

I don’t found DE Beta in my xbox insider :(( why??


I think they already select some users to be available to view it. So it is not a release for all of us.

Still nothing in france…
I use the insider hub alot for minecraft, but yea no AOE2 beta yet.

can’t believe i stayed up this late for this

I’ve been an insider since the very first announcement and got the email saying that we could play the beta today, but the tile dosent show in my “xbox insider hub app”

nothing in germany as well … :frowning:

same issue in France (last version of W10 is running)

They already end the release i guess. It was open to some IP addresses the obtain when we make the configuration test. So it was not for all :cry: