AOE DE Custom game. Victory condition "CONQUEST"

The AI resigns before i wipe out my enemy,witch takes away from the fun. What can i do?

nothing i guess, i hate this new AI too, it’s literally my only problem with the game, i remember before in the old games that the surrender trigger happened when they had no castle left, or no military units, or villagers but now they surrender before you can even get to their main base and destroy the town center, and it annoys me because the AI keeps me salty the entire battle with it’s attacks to miners and lumberjacks and then it surrenders like a coward leaving me all angry and mad without being able to retaliate lol.

Pair up with another computer on your team and unclick ‘allied victory.’ That way the game continues on after all the other computers resign.
After that you can wipe them all out, and click ‘allied victory’ to end the game. OR…You can be evil like me and tower up your computer teamate and turn on him by changing diplomacy to enemy.