AoE DE event during Gamescon - Meet me there

Last night fantastic news arrived in my inbox. I’ve been selected to participate in the livestream event. I have no idea or info regarding the agenda or what will be unveiled. Nevertheless: I’ll be there :smile: :blush:
Let’s meet and talk in Cologne

nice :wink:

I have scouted the venue and through the brown doors on the left could see a stone age village taking shape - either that or far cry primal 2 are using the venue first :slight_smile:

Tomorrow I am going to have breakfast of black pudding at ‘Fruh’ do the National Socialist Record centre where the Gestapo were based followed by the medieval museum. Before the event I’m going to get one of these at the chocolate museum.

Chocolate museum is a great place to learn about chocolate, enjoy :slight_smile:
I hope you’ve already been in the Dome and walked up to the tower :slight_smile: