AoE: DE Invite Questions


Invites for the Age of Empires: Definitive Edition closed beta will be released in waves. Below is the currently announced schedule of invite waves.


Wave Date
1st July 30th
2nd TBA

Even if you are not one of the insiders invited to the AoE: DE beta on the day invites are sent, there will be many more opportunities to be invited in the coming weeks leading up to release later this month. :smiley:

What to Expect

  1. All the beta invites are not sent out at the same time. Some may receive invites early and you may happen to receive it a few hours later
  2. Be patient. As stated in the first point, you may receive the beta invite hours after someone else did.
  3. The 1st email will say you were selected to participate in the beta and provide instructions on how to access the beta and beta forums.
  4. Do not ping people, especially staff or moderators, in regards to whether the beta invites have all been sent for the day. This process can take hours. Paging or asking people about it will only cause frustration because they do not have the power over who received an invite or not.
  5. Remember to carefully read and follow the instructions in the email before asking questions.
  6. If you are encountering any issues with beta forum access, please see this topic. If you are encountering any issues with the beta itself, please post those to the beta forum only since the beta is under NDA.
  7. Check all your mail folders, including spam or junk folders, for an invite and any other insider communication. You may need to add and to your safe sender list.

Additional questions

If you have any additional questions about beta invites which was not answered above, please leave a comment below.

I have a question - the people who are getting a DE beta key right now, will it be disabled when the game is launched for everyone to buy?

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The game will be uninstalled I think. Moderator posted that somewhere in a different forum.

I think the game can still be played from steamapps folder instead of steam if you make a backup of steamapps aoe2de folder

@Wootter I guess the game is online mode so when official game is released the beta will be waste.

I just got the invitation key!


Seems like they gave keys one hour ago, darn it, we missed the keys again.

Please send me key beta. Thanks you!

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Please send me Beta key. Thank you.

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No key for me yet…again. lol

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I received an invitation, but not to AOE2: DE, and was invited to AOE: DE, which was very surprised. Although I’m glad:)


Yeah me to, maybe it’s and error, because the picture is from AOE2. And when i try to do this :
" To get started, [check out this step-by-step guide] on how to join the beta from the Xbox Insider Hub app on Windows PC."
It says me that : "Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic! " LOL :frowning:


Clean the history, cache and cookies of your browser and repeat the step-by-step instructions on “how to get the beta again” .

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Same here, I also got an AOE 1 DE Beta invite and not AOE 2. :roll_eyes:


Same here, I also got an AOE 1 DE Beta invite and not AOE 2. :roll_eyes:

At least you got something :joy:


I received the invitation but not the key

Hi there,

On the heels of some recent announcements about Age of Empires: Definitive Edition , we’re kicking off an AoE: DE Beta on the Microsoft Store… and you’re invited! We’ve selected you for this beta based on your responses to our Age Insider registration survey, including your interest in Microsoft Store beta opportunities and Age of Empires: Definitive Edition .

You can access the Age of Empires: Definitive Edition via the Xbox Insider Hub on PC using the Microsoft Account associated with your Age Insider profile. To get started, check out this step-by-step guide on how to join the beta from the Xbox Insider Hub app on Windows PC.

Remember that this beta test is a closed beta and that everything is to be kept strictly confidential . All participants have agreed to the Age of Empires Insider Program Guidelines & NDA upon registering to participate in this beta. This means you are only permitted to discuss the beta in our closed beta forums. Sharing information in any way about the beta outside of these forums is a direct violation of the NDA and will result in enforcement action.

What’s next?

See you in the beta!

The Age of Empires Team

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That is an old beta email for AOE DE and not AOE 2 DE some insiders got this mail sent to them for some reason. The keys for the upcoming wave (early august) is scheduled to start on a weekend so the keys have not yet been sent out.

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It’s not very clear, but this is the new beta for AOE: DE multiplayer for testing of the crossplay between microsoft store and Steam !

I thought it was an old email too, but this is a download only for multiplay testing: Store<>Steam. You can’t use this for singleplayer or campaigns.

Maybe some MOD can make this better clear for everybody?


oh. well the mail in the comment refered to the MS store. If this is the case however, I agree. They need to make it clearer.

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This seems to be the old beta email for AoE: DE, AoE: II DE looks different. Im not sure why you recieved this.

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It’s advised not to post your e-mail address in public spaces.

Regarding participation to the AOE DE (Steam release) beta it is very strange that the advise is to install it from the the Xbox Insider-hub as that is not connected to Steam platform. You can install that app from the Windows Store and check if the game is listed below Insider-content section.

During the first beta of AOE DE and installation through the Xbox Insider-hub there was no key needed at all.

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Xbox Insider-hub dont have installation program

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