AoE DE LAN and Multiplayer Invite woeful experience

My spouse and I have both owned Age of Empires Definitive Edition from the Windows Store, pretty much since it came out. Last night we decided to dust it off and have an LAN battle. We never saw each other on the LAN. We both tried multiplayer and inviting, but the other person never saw the invite. What are invites supposed to look like anyway? We were able to eventually host a “Public” game, had the other person hop in and then start it before anyone else could join in. I’m saddened by this.
We’ll probably try again soon given the fact that I won and my spouse really wants a rematch.

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I need help… I ether get constant searching for games in the Unranked lobby or i get no games match the parameters. I am playing this through the MS store so i cant log out of Xbox Live or the game shuts down for me… The store is also not showing any new updates. Any suggestions on fixing?

Many of us here have had your exact problems. To confirm, your game version should be 36211; I had to download the full game again to get the updates and the 36211 version.

After you download the game again, put ‘any’ in the search bars (except for cheats) and you’ll see more games (I usually see 2-10 games depending on the time of day)