AoE:DE NYC Mixer Launch Stream Event Photos and Video

The AoE:DE NYC Mixer launch stream event starts in about 21 hours but there are already some photos of the team and the studio on social media. Below are just a couple that I have been able to find so far. Feel free to reply with other photos of the team and the event space before, during and after the event.

The Age of Empires team having dinner the evening before the event

Mixer Studio Setup

Stream VoD

Fantastic, I didn’t even know the UK Daily Star did games reviews but the team have somehow got a copy of the game under their nose to get their attention:-

I’ve been caught up with work, but feel my hype coming back now :slight_smile:

A few more today so far:

Really Happy to play this definitive edition.
Do you think we Will also hear some new infos about AOE4?

That helmet :open_mouth:

Besides the dev and streamer tournament there were a few new things on stream…

New launch trailer at 15min 0sec

Bon Voyage advertisement at 2hrs 14min 12sec

Live The Dream advertisement at 2hrs 14min 40sec

push until i can create finnaly a TOPIC to get help LOL

The stream was amazing (even though I came in a bit late). The team deserves a massive round of applause for their hard work on DE.