AoE:DE Roll-Over Help Not Showing When Enabled


Having the same issue with a surface pro 6, i7 with 16gb. Any further suggestions regarding the help text?


Nope. Especially now you declared that you have a comparable model with more memory (16 GB) and better graphics engine which should be sufficient for this game running in 4K. If I had one and no important data on it, I would try it with a complete fresh install from USB-stick created with latest Windows media creator tool. But you need to be experienced in doing such things.


Hi Guys has anyone ever figured out a solution for this problem? It would be great if someone did figure it out. I’ve been having the same exact problem now for a while, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


There is no exact solution to this problem yet, although I’ve never experienced it.

You could try first to create another user account and run the game from there.