AOE Definitve Edition closes after launch

I purchased this game back in 3-2018 and there were problems with lagging gameplay so I placed it on a shelf so to speak. Decided to take a look at it again because of the updates. Read the forums and had to update Windows 10, drivers, bios, change keyboard settings, etc. Reunstalled about five times literally. The game window opens the crashes. How do I get my money back so I can repurchase it on Steam? Would like to play this and possibly pick up the new game next month but not with it being unplayable. Please help. I have submitted support tickets to both Microsoft support, the game developer, and the Microsoft Store with no response. Actually Microsoft Support said they could recommend to update windows 10.

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Hi @SpamKiller007, Please see this website to request a refund. Note the listed limitations of refund requests. Since it has been a long time since you ordered the game, you may not be eligible for a refund.

If you would like to troubleshoot your installation, there are some helpful people here on the forums here who are glad to help. There are also resources available here to start troubleshooting.

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I have the same problem. My game crash one minute after I launch it :imp::imp::imp:impossible to play!!! I buy this game for nothing :imp::imp::imp::imp:

Thanks for the reply. I did try and get a refund but was denied. I still want to play the game but was hoping to purchase on Steam if I could get a refund. However, I’m not going to purchase the game twice. Wanted to buy AOE 2 DE as well but not from Micrisoft, maybe from Steam. At least with Steam I know the game would work!

Is there a way to reinstall manually by bypassing Microsoft Store?

I looked up AoE DE in the Windows Store. Clicked on it, and installed it. Apparently I was trying to get the old one to work I already had in my Store Library. So basicall you download another version.