AOE Forums Broken, Insiders broken, xbox live broken - get your things together Microsoft!

Wow, this website really has been trying to get me away from the AOE Series of games!

I registered for Insiders about a year ago using steam, but apparently my account got deleted, no email, no trace anywhere.
A few month ago i then renewed my registration, created an xbox live account and uploaded DXDiag Info.

Two days ago i got an email reminding me to complete the forms, upload my DXdiag which was apparently missing? How did it get lost, what did you do again?

But i could not login into my Insiders account, got an

“autherror=xbla invaild”

even though i could login into xbox live without any problems in a second browser tab.

When i tried to login into the forums to report the error, i got a white page with an error message

“Oops the software powering the discussion forum encountered an
unexpected error. If this error persist, you can provide additional detail by >posting a discussion topic in the sites feedback category”

  • Extremely funny!

Today i tried again and didn’t get the message, but registering with the forums was broken again. There was something about
“your account was created, but we cannot confirm wether we sent you a confirmation e-mail. please make sure you have cookies enabled.” - WTF?

It did not work. I tried again a few minutes Later and now i finally succeeded in creating that account.

Also somehow the insiders Login works and it still go my old Dxdiag i suppose.

@RadiatingBlade edit: Be respectful towards all users including the web developers.

  • Why do you send e-mails to everybody which sound like something is missing in the insiders form, even though most of the people have everything already uploaded? If you cannot filter those people with a script, at least change the text so that people who know they are already set to go don’t get concerned!
  • Please make sure that the Insiders login actually works and the forum server is not broken before you e-mail a Newsletter around trying to engage the people in your website. This will save your Users a lot of frustration and bad reviews.
  • The Insider Form is a very basic website, it should not be that complicated to make it run and make it stable.
  • I hope Relic has nothing to do with this website, because if it is a s bad as this, AOE4 will not be in a playable state until 2023 and a lot of patches.

quick note regarding the missing dxdiag - hardware can cahnge and they wanted you to make sure you have an up to date dxdiag. there is no harm in that.

Regarding your other issues, I am sure that they ahould work on these


Why record Dxdiag again when I recorded it a month ago.

It was just about who doesn’t have it recorded by Dxdiag right?

It doesn’t matter, Beta won’t be that year either

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they just want you to have an up to date profile!

maby you got some new hardware at the meantime or have an intire new pc
before they invite players to the beta they want be sure you are up to date.

the fact some of you cant login will only tell us that they are testing an oppertunaty in our profiles


as written, hardware can change., sicne they sort applicants according to hardware it is of utmost importance that the dxdiag is up to date

One thing is certain, this site is very unstable.

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New GPUs came out since they originally asked for DxDiag. The 30 series of Nvidia

Happening Again. Login failure and redirect to

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The login issues on the website and forums from earlier today should be resolved.


yes seems to work fine now, "tips clear cahce in browser.