AOE Gandalf the Grey

So now that we MS Store AOE DE owners have a grey version of AOE DE, wouldn’t it be logical to show that difference in the start menu tile as well?



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There is a difference, on the old one you have all the size option, while on the new one, you can select between 1 tile and 4 tile only.

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Yeah, the old one has a few more shades of grey. Very sharp and keen to notice that little detail.

Another great way to spot the difference is the alignment of the logo with the main menu, but then you are in the game already.

I was talking about the size of the tile on the start menu.


The new one can’t be resized to large and big.

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I know, I’m just talking in riddles.

Still it would be nice (not a must) to show it in the tile being grey itself.