AoE II: DE Beta Invite Questions


Invites for the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition closed beta will be released in waves. Below is the currently announced schedule of invite waves.


Wave Time
1st June 18th
2nd June 24th
3rd July 16th
4th August 1st
5th August 7th
6th September 5th

Even if you are not one of the insiders invited to the AoE II: DE beta on the day invites are sent, there will be many more opportunities to be invited in the coming weeks leading up to release in fall 2019. :smiley:

What to Expect

  1. All the beta invites are not sent out at the same time. Some may receive invites early and you may happen to receive it a few hours later.
  2. Be patient. As stated in the first point, you may receive the beta invite hours after someone else did.
  3. The first email isn’t the final email. The first email will say you were selected to participate in the beta. The second email will provide instructions on how to access the beta and beta forums.
  4. Do not ping people, especially staff or moderators, in regards to whether the beta invites have all been sent for the day. This process can take hours. Paging or asking people about it will only cause frustration because they do not have the power over who received an invite or not.
  5. Remember to carefully read and follow the instructions in the email before asking questions.
  6. If you are encountering any issues with beta forum access, please see this topic. If you are encountering any issues with the beta itself, please post those to the beta forum only since the beta is under NDA.
  7. Check all your mail folders, including spam or junk folders, for an invite and any other insider communication. You may need to add and to your safe sender list.

Additional questions

If you have any additional questions about beta invites which was not answered above, please leave a comment below.


Today is the date of the first Beta wave! Please share the news if you are elected!! :smiley:


The chance is big that you are not allowed to share that here, but only in a dedicated beta Discord group.

Per the NDA beta testers are permitted to share with other people that they are in the beta, however beta testers are not permitted to share any content from the beta.


Do we know when they will be sending the emails?

In other words you are allowed to brag about it, but not give details :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why you need to be carefully about what you say in public or post on forum or public discord about the beta in general. There is a good reason for that as there easily could arise false expectations. Also don’t expect too that you will be able to play all parts of the game, certain areas still might be locked.

So there are no reasons to brag about it in the first place. Beta testers are needed for all their input about the game experience.

Yeap! I meant that! Just knowing who is in the Beta Program today, not detailed information about whats going on!. Good luck everyone!!


Good luck to you too! :smiley:

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Do we a know an estimate to when the beta invites do drop? Or if they have already? I don’t know, I’m really curious to if I get one or not.

Me too, I waiting and waiting and hope

I have a lot of experience of AoE2 … played it since the MSN Zone games in 2001. I also played on Gamepark, IGZones, Gameranger, Voobly and Steam.

I am so excited! I just hope I get an invite. I really enjoyed being a part of the AoE1 beta testing.

My computer also isn’t that powerful … it just meets the minimum requirements. And I know it’s useful for the devs to know how potato computers can handle the game.

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AoE 2* Beta testing.


OMG!!! i want to be selected! jajajaj

Someone here has gotten one of those email…but who? He also got same email last time for AOE 1. Twice in a row, he is something. Also, bragging.


It looks like some insiders on Reddit have received an invite.


Are they being sent out throughout the day or all at once? Need to know so I can go to sleep disappointed.

I have no idea how the server handles the emails. I would assume all go out at the same time. :thinking:

as expected. shouldn’t have gotten this hyped for nothing

By having an account here does that mean that I am able to get the beta or is there something else I need to do cause IDK