AoE II: DE Franks


I think the Franks should be modified a little bit in the Definitive Edition to represent them better.

First of all, the current wonder should be replaced, since the current one is based on the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. This doesn’t make any sense, considering the impressive medieval buildings of France. They could use some of the beautiful cathedrals like the Rouen Cathedral or the Reims Cathedral, one of the urban palaces like the Palais de justice de Rouen or the Palais Jacques-Cœur in Bourgues, one of the castles like the Château de Saumur or the disappeared Château de Mehun-sur-Yèvre.

A better design for the architecture used by the Franks and other civilizations of Western Europe. Make buildings based on the medieval architecture of cities such as Rouen, Troyes, Chinon and Tours.

Include a second unique unit to represent better the Franks in the Late Middle Ages, the Frankish Paladin, originally set to appear as the unique unit of the Franks, also it would be better if the unit’s name was “Chevalier” to avoid confusing with Paladin. Besides this, it would be good to add Bloodlines to the Franks and eliminate the Cavalry Archers to balance, since they are supposed to be a cavalry civilization they need Bloodlines, also the Franks didn’t use Cavalry Archers.

Frankish Paladin or Chevalier:

Thank you.

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