AOE II DE Match Stats Breakdown suggestion

I don’t yet have a Beta key (really want one!) so forgive me if this is already in the game.

I play a lot of Dota 2 and love the way I can see my win rate on all heroes I have played and can check all sorts of stats, win history, average gold and xp per minute etc. and can check websites (like dotabuff) to see what the best counters are to certain heroes and best items, allies and enemies etc.

Would it be possible to have a stats section in your profile accessible from the main menu where you can see the following information on your stats for each civ you’ve played?

More important:

  • amount of times played

  • win percentage solo

  • win percentage team

  • best against (top 5 civs you win against with that civ)

  • worst against (top 5 civs you lose against with that civ)

  • best map (top 3 maps you win with that civ)

  • worst map (top 3 maps you lose with that civ)

Less important:

  • average game length win

  • average game length loss

  • average age up timings

  • win % for each 10 minute mark of game length

  • best ally civ for team games (top 3?)

  • Any other post game info that might already be in the post game overview in AOE 2 HD, but saved so you can see averages over all games.

I really appreciate all the work you guys are putting in! Looks fantastic so far.


I agree. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel again and can just bluntly copy over that part from Valve’s game. I would also incorporate the ELO rating and diverse all between ranked and non ranked games. And of course add civ winning streak and win-loss counters.

You can check your own stats online already though.