AOE II DE multiplayer is a disaster

Dear All,

I played hours on AOE II HD with a great deal of pleasure, especially on 1vs1.

Now the ranked game system, for God knows what reason, prevents you from choosing the map type.

So we’re forced to play on maps we don’t enjoy.

Now I just can’t stand playing this any more on map I thoroughly dislike.

I do not see any reason why players should be forced to play on maps they do not like.

This is a very bad move from the AOE II developers.



agree, I want to know the reason why devs don’t respond so many articles in discussions regarding map complaint and MM

i don’t think it’s exactly mysterious why matchmaking restricts your map selection options. There’s a small pool of players within a given ELO tier looking for a match in the same geography at any one time. From a matching standpoint you get tons of separated queues and very few matches.

This is why basically every game with matchmaking has some restrictions on pools of maps or what you can ban/restrict, even games with hundreds of thousands of active players. I’ve never been a huge fan of matchmaking which is why I stick to the lobby’s, but for matchmaking to work you need a healthy pool of players and a limitation on how much segmentation is done for the algorithm to be able to find suitable matches.

Otherwise you will have post after post with players complaining about extremely long queue times.


I agree with the guy above. Map poll also standardizes the ELO of players since everyone plays the same maps.

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The main problem is not letting players choose which map they can play.

Some people expect short wait times on less than popular maps, that is unrealistic and selfish.

If players could checkbox all the maps they want to play, they could queue for multiple maps at once and get connected with the fastest match. In this system the likelyhood of playing a map is in direct correlation to the popularity of that map. You could never compain about waiting too long because this simply means that at that time no one wants to play your selected maps. It would behave just like a lobby system but then automated. The current system is weighed down by your least favorite map, in contrast to my suggested checkbox system where you can be happy with the maps you like the most.

Many try to act like we need elo to be a certificate for ‘varied skill’, there is nothing wrong with the accuracy of the old system. I am getting fair matches all the time on HD. Taking away our freedom to attempt to get elo slightly more accurate is way out of proportion. It is not at all proven that playing random maps is the best way of improving. There is a reason why people like Arabia, it is a well rounded map with not too much wood and not too little. It allows many different strats, while maps like bf, goldrush, islands are all way more limited in its possibillities. Many of such maps have a really limited meta. Also you could call it hypocritical to force variety through maps while allowing hidden civ pick. There goes the variety argument…

Imo no one should decide what another should play. Also I can understand how this is a total turnoff for new players who just want to play map x. For them this competitive argument doesnt apply at all, they just want to have a fun game once in a while.

I see no reason to trust a gaming dev company to choose what maps I have to play, they have already shown their incompetence by forcing us to play the most unfair map in existence; megarandom. A map where there can be zero gold on your side of the map. If you want to have fair matches that is already 1 ban down the drain. And you should really think this through if you support this system, you might like the map pool now but there is zero certainty and control over what happens in the future.

I am really dissapointed with the way FE have setup this MM system, never in the history of aoe2 have the options been so limited.


I gave up ranked the first day i saw the pool. Now i only play it once in each update, to see if anything changed.
I’m still expecting a system where i can select wich map to play from a preselected pool.

I don’t give a flying frick if i have to wait 20 minutes because i only picked arabia or arena. In fact, i spend 15-20 daily minutes in line to join my favorite rs2 server, because i know i will have a better experience there.

I understand some people are cocky and want fast games, but that’s why a “Select more maps to decrease time” warning usually is present. Maybe even invite him to games of another map, if the awaiting time is to big.