AoE II: DE Quality of Life Ideas

I don’t think any of us here has access to the beta (I at least don’t), and this was supposed to talk about good ideas we feel that would be great to add in the DE when it releases.

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Improve hotkey configuration.
They should put a good hotkeys configuration, like starcraft 2 or how they made it in starcraft remastered.

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Me parecio buena la idea gracias lo tendre en cuenta

Grid Hotkeys? Is that…?


Well, I know some will crucify me for this idea, but I think it’s worth sharing:

Idea: Theocracy technology (Monastery at Imperial Age) - Once researched, only one monk in a group needs to rest after a sucessful conversion instead of all of them.
It’s unusable, unless the enemy is comming with a very slow and tiny army, like 3 elephants against 3 monks to be usable without microing individual monks. No one will wait for a conversion to be successfull to select them all again and start a new one.
My idea would be that if I select a group of 4 monks (just an example), I could “click” 4 enemy units and each monk will start converting each of the 4 units selected. Similar to a group of 4 villagers building 4 farms, they all start building the first one and then the remmaining 3 villagers each build an individual farm automatically.
I ask for this because it’s really annoying to select (click) individual monks in a fight and start clicking enemy units.
Could increase the cost of the technology for balance purposes even though the enemy could simply research Heresy


You could also balance some civilizations(bonus) and some units in particular. Horse and camel archers have many weaknesses and cost a lot of gold.

Very good ideas, i didn’t think about it

They’re very microable tho, you can do a lot with them if u know what u’re doing.
Spearmans are completely useless against them, camels will have a hard time getting into them especially if they have their own spearmans with them, they’re fast enough to easily get out of range of onager shots, and if they manage to get into the enemy’s economy they can do a ton of damage, especially after balistic is done.

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The fact that you can see how many villagers are collecting certain resurces is really good
What if by clicking on the portrait of a resource, you could select all the villagers collecting that resource?

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I like the idea of villager stances. Pointing the “front” of the formation the direction you want it would save some micro too.

An auto explore option would be nice… especially for fishing ship.

Saved command queues you can activate (like scripts) would improve quality of life too as many players build in certain set configurations


OK, that’s some fine idea.

What is that supposed to do? Like, tell the scout to chill around?! That would be a really bad idea if that;s what you mean.

Not sure what chill around means. Auto Explore is pretty simple programmatically actually… you have the unit move to all areas of the map that are still black because they haven’t been explored. Starting close to the unit. I probably would use a mix of auto and manual early on (because risk of TC death) and in the late game to give units something to do. it would be a nice option to improve quality of life and is supported in other games.

Kind a lazy feature.

Man, no offense, but this is a very lazy idea…

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Auto explore is a common feature to RTS games. There’s no need for you to try and make it personal by calling me lazy. By the same logic patrol, and farm auto re-seed would also be something you would want to do manually. It’s a quality of life improvement just like the others.

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Lazy feature, i didn’t said you. RoN have a feature were they use cpu control your villager for you…

Villager stances => no
Auto scouting => no
Disable towers => no
Ez monk micro => no


I don’t think it’s like, lazy but it’s prob no longer an issue when u can now just shift click ur unit to go to places properly instead of having to babysit ur scout all the time

My solution was an after-selection switch unit hotkey (like the . and ,) for the issue you experienced while using a group of monks which could benefit all micro with groups of units. The problem with your suggestion is that converting with multiple monks goes faster and disables the convert option for all monks until you have researched theocracy. They reason why I would like to have this kind of micro is because the AI can do this too and it doesn’t miss click anything. Also if you could do the same thing with group of paladins or scouts then as counter that would balance out equally again.


Some good ideas you came up with