AoE II DE: UHD graphics invisible

I installed AOE2DE from the Windows Store as well as the UHD graphics pack. When enabling UHD graphics, all the units are invisible. I see the HUD, some terrain, and dust kicked up from the movement of the units. But basically everything else is invisible. I’m running a Nvidia 2070 Super graphics card with a 144fps freesync monitor, 16gb ram, core i7-9700k. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the UHD pack, as the support doc says, but still the UHD graphics won’t show up. Turning off UHD graphics in the settings “fixes” the issue. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas?


i have the same problem

Having the exact same problem. I’m glad it’s nothing essential, but hopefully they will look into this as it does make the game look really nice when it is working.

I posted a bug report here:

Please append your comments to the bug report so MS can keep track of how many people have the same issue.

One more person with invisible units. Vietnam archers.

Hi all,

I am not sure if we are referring here to the PC version. I also have a problem with the UHD graphics option but no invisible units. Event though I have a UHD screen (ASUS MG24UQ) I cannot click the UHD graphics option under my graphic options.

I have the most recent driver.

Can you help me here?