AoE II: DE Won't Play on Steam

I bought AOE II: DE last night and downloaded the game. I clicked the Play button and the game did not load. After a few seconds, the Play button reappeared. I clicked the Play button again and I got the same results.

Try verifying integrity of game files
Right click the game in the library -> properties -> local files -> verify integrity

Good luck

I have been playing AOE games since they started. I am not sure what “Libary” you are referring to. Don’t think my public is going to help :).


@Nunckster is talking about Steam
The steps he mentions are the following:

Here the problem. The game does not. I am sent to Gaming Services on the Microssoft Store Website. There is no Library to select sine I am game does not launch.

Richard Watkins

Then you should create your own topic to find a solution, because this one was related to the other platform (AoE II: DE Won’t Play on Steam) :relaxed:. In this way: someone with knowledge on Microsoft Store will be able to give you some tips and help you to play! :smiley: