AOE II HD: Rise of the Rajas Campaign - 4.4 Le Loi: Reaching South

Game Version:

  • Build ((5.8.3062235))


Le Loi campaign bug reset mission
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I completed mission 4 from Le Loi and now game campaign reset my mission and I see my first mission from the beginning instead of next mission 5 the same problem have at Francisco de Almeida campaign.

Reproduction Steps:

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  2. …Just destroy the monument of enemy and construct your monument to win and you see your campaign reset you at first mission instead of next.

Try to use “I R WINNER” cheat code to quickly pass through already completed scenarios. Maybe you can reach fifth scenario this way

I use steam version i want achievement not cheating

Use that code for those scenarios which you have already beaten. You get no achivements from those new completions but this is okay, as you are only unlocking them, not actually playing

Solved, please close topic. I complete after reset “mission 1 , 2 and 3 for 2nd time” and now game show me mission 5 and 6 . At francisco de almeida i complet for 2nd time only first mission after reset and now they show me mission 4 and 5 which are not completed first time.