AOE III DE challenge Vatican City reseting

Hi there,
I’m having trouble completing this challenge.
I DO UNDERSTAND how it is supposed to work:
I need to send different church cards (not repeat them) and the way to do it is switching between civilizations.
I managed to reach 4/5 but when I tried to do the last one it just reset and it was 0/5.
Now every time I start a match the counter is on 0 so I only manage to do 1/5 and I don’t know how to solve it.
Anyone having the same issue?

I recommend that you report it as a bug or try to verify the integrity of your game files, worst case reinstall the game.

How to verify the integrity of the game files.

I verified the files and it worked, thank you!

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I am having this bug as well. It was 2 and now it is resetted to 0.

I use it on Microsoft Store not on Steam. Please help!