AOE III DE - Is there a mod to change back Plazas for Firepits?

I don’t like to see the Aztec priests standing in a Plaza, is there a mod to change them back to their fire-pits?
I don’t care about Sioux or Iroquois (I don’t play them anyway), only Aztecs (& maybe Inca)? Do you know?

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It could be possible yeah. But they removed the firepit building. So you´d need to find someone with the building + dance animation.
Also mods can be reported, and get you banned from uploading any mods in the future.
Wich changing this can fall into.

So that means I would need to wait. I didn’t find any, so far.

Firepits might be offensive for Northern American Indians, but particularly the Aztecs did use them (& Mexicans still perform such dances in the Old Town, actually). It was accurate, even if the original intention was to make it “exotic”.