Nice that you added the US, any chance on doing this with several new civs? It would engage more players to connect on a daily basis and increase the number of online players! There’s a nice forum already with proposals on new Civs, so maybe you should take a look? Haven’t seen any African or Australian civs., it would cool to have those, which are not represented so far! Perhaps even “the lost civ. of Atlantica” represented?


african civs are coming this year its confirmed


Where did you find that it is confirmed?

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The lost civ of Atlantica won’t be added because here, the civs have to be historical based and not fictional ones. Anyways, as the African civs are confirmed for a future DLC of AoE3: DE, here’s other civs that I’d like to see in the game:



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African civs are coming, my guess is that will be 3 new civs.



Zulu, or maybe Moroccans.

After that I suspect we will also get a few more civs, my guess is





how about no?

coming next DLC.

make zero sense, backwater of the world, and part of the British empire till 1901.


switzerland basically was neutral in the entire periode, the wars they did fought where all civil wars between the cantons, or entirely defensive in nature like the war with France.

a grand total of 8 wars that they where involved with, most are just revolts, or related to the 30 years war.

not to mention that the country was a part of the holy roman empire, and that their principal unit is already present in the German roster.

As for a European faction that should be in the game, the choice is obvious: Denmark-Norway, which not only had an actual empire, but also was involved in a lot of wars with foreign countries, including offensive in nature.


Denmark is what I was thinking too, I even like the idea more than Italy but I know lots of people also want Italy


Aww yes, Denmark and Italy.


i like persia cuz we dont have a good central asian faction


Persians were available in AOEII, right?

Is there a restriction to the timeline of when the civilizations belong to?

Sounds like “evolved vikings”…it should be awesome to have them in the game! Specially because there’s a lot of related history with UK, French, etc

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Unfortunately, Bohemians at the time period of AoE3 were not significant. Yes, they started 30 Yrs war but they just started it, nothing more. Yes and Wallenstein… But thats too little to justify their addition. I cant imagine their game design. Whats make sense is Austria-Hungary.

And war wagon is stupid unit. The true war wagon looked differently and was part of Hussite wars which were before time period of AoE3.


I don’t know why people want italy.

But Denmark definitely should have been in the original game not Ottoman, it was the first european country to explore the Americas and the only one that still has a colony there.

For asian civs iran/persia makes sense.

But let’s not go overboard with civs like in aoe2 after conquerers.

But more minor civs and mercenaries…I’m all for them.


1500-1850 ca.

technically lakota is more representative of 1876, but they already existed before that.

also except Aztec most faction have at least a reasonable amount of time in the game, US had about 100 years for example.


My suggestions:

  1. The Golden Age - Danes, Poles, Austrians (or Danubians) and Italians
  2. The Highly Developed America - Mayans and Muisca
  3. The American Natives - Mapuche, Tupi, Niswi-mishkodewinan (Council of Three Fires) and Cherokee / or Seminole
  4. The Majesty of Asia - Persians, Tatars and Koreans
  5. The Southeast Empires - Siamese, Burmese and Polynesians

I have not written about Africa because we do not know yet what the announced African DLC will bring us. May it contain a large number of civs (4-5).


4-5?? Really?? They will give you 3 and this is praying. In AoE3 they cant spam civs like aoe2. See how Sweden was/is balanced…

Agreed. When the devs will noticed that Swedes need buffs? At the very least they should gave them a Advanced Torp and buff Carolean attack.