AoE III: DE Senior Producer


Today on the Power Builds stream @Robeyone introduced himself as the AoE III: DE senior producer. I hadn’t heard that before but it makes sense given that he was the senior producer for AoE: DE. Curious if he is also the senior producer on AoE II: DE too and if so why would he choose to introduce himself as the AoE III: DE senior producer. Interesting…


Justin Robey is a Senior Producer in Microsoft Studios working on the Age of Empires Franchises and the Project Lead on Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition.
I guess he isn’t a project lead on AoE2DE. Let him focus on one game :wink:


I want to see some screenshots from AoE II: DE. :frowning:


My thoughts as well. I also hope that both AoE II: DE and AoE III: DE are being developed at the same time by different developers. I would be concerned if a small developer like FE is attempting to tackle both titles at the same time.


Well given that support for AoE: DE appears to have ended some time ago, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that those developers are now all working on AoE II: DE, which would then be released, supported for a short time, and then work on AoE III: DE begun. Adam Isgreen did seem to suggest that both games are being worked on, but presumably II is more of a focus as it’s the game supposed to be released next.

I imagine III had some preliminary work underway, but isn’t exactly full steam ahead until II is ready. It certainly makes sense that both games would have different senior producers, though - they are different games after all.


What exactly are the graphic improvements we can expect in AoE 3 …The game is quit modern
Imagine what Relic is upto with AoE 4 …wow! everytime AoE sets a new bar for graphical improvements


The same as for the other DE releases. 4K and re-rendering of all sprites in 32 directions instead of 8. And new demolition animations of buildings of 60 FPS. Higher zoom level and with AOE III of course turning the camera viewpoint, as it uses the bang engine.


AoE3 already uses 3D models, it runs on a 3D engine. There are no sprites with 8 directions. AoE3 already supports 4k.
AoE3 already has 3D demolition animations of all buildings.
You can already configure AoE3 to have any zoom level you want, and you can already change camera viewpoint.

As for what will the DE change, I have no idea.


Resolution, textures and number of polygons in 3D units.


It was made in 2005, so there are plenty of visual updates they can do for it. I last played it a year or so ago, and the unit models aren’t great if you zoom in. It’s still a nice-looking game (and very impressive for the era it was released) but it could certainly do with improvements - and the UI is clunky as ■■■■.