AoE III multiplayer


Is AoE multiplayer mode active, available in Asian region??? How much AoE III requires internet speed???


Hello, there is one official multiplayer platform for all regions, the ESO. These days we’ve got around 6000-9000 unique players logging into ESO on an average day, peak concurrent daily population at around 900-1400.

Pretty much any internet speed is enough, as long as the connection is stable. I don’t notice any issues with 20kb/s.


I played ago 2 and 3 growing up and i want to play it again, i can get it for 20 bucks on amazon, and 40 for steam and gamestop, should i get it at amazon?


With the old boxed Amazon version, you run a risk that your CD key will be unusable for online multiplayer. On the Amazon page it even says “Online play is not supported anymore”, so this risk seems pretty high.

I would recommend getting it on Steam while it’s on sale (goes for -75% usually).


@infinatetrex better get it on Steam. As mentioned above it’s cheap on sales, but the next sale is only at the end of November. However, you can actually find -65% OFF coupons for this game on steam. Some players give it away for free.


Thanks guys, where can i find coupons or ppl that would give it away?


You can look for the coupons in Steam Trading Groups and the game community hub.

You can also start discussions letting people know that you are looking for a specific coupon, and the items you can offer in exchange for it, if any.

I had many AoE3 coupons last year when I crafted tons of steam badges, but most of them were never used and just expired.


Thanks for the assistance