AOE III: Single player allied features glitches

GAME VERSION: Age of Empires III

Purchased the original title new, sealed, and in the box from a retailer.

Single player mode allied features glitches: the possibility of single player with allied artificial intelligence victories is difficult to experience without human intervention and lateral attacking.

The flare meant for rallying allies was either ignored or each time the artificial intelligence leadership replied with something similar with ‘not at this time’; however, during the latest AGE when selecting the “spies” icon to reveal everything among the map: it later became obvious how there were enough allied military units necessary for attacking, but AI chose when to attack later; and I’ve never experienced AI assisting me when using the flare icon. A possible fix: Ally flares to meet at the nearby train depot (or wherever) for a combined attack against an enemy > single player hears the flare selection > allied AI nations calculates how many units they will provide at the location of the flare > ally sends units to the location of the flare > ally awaits for their allied human player to arrive and receive the attack command > human player units arrives > AI then flares at the location of the attack > both single player and AI(whether one or more) then sends their units to attack at the exact location of the flare. The same should occur whenever the human player sends their flare for a combined attack. Its been years since I played, but Spain was notorious for replying with the abrupt and sarcastic ‘not now love’ reply. Very frustrating.

I noticed AI chose to utilize a flare but not gather where it signaled.

I also noticed how after a flare at the AI headquarters they did not wait long enough for me to arrive with my military before attacking their chosen opponent but attacked using their own timing.

AI never made the proper decision to assist an allied player to fend off attacks during single player mode, but I would assist allies using my own military units so as not to lose the battles early on.

Choosing allies during single player mode would only become advantageous when transporting the town center and explorer directly adjacent to an ally and at the very beginning of each game. Otherwise, when lending them enough money later in the game to fund their military, AI would utilize it for something else entirely and for example: By choosing to tell an allied to ‘turtle’ somehow meant they built towers, and they would only build a few; it was as if once their economy and most of their military might was crippled to a certain degree the AI for my allies forgot how to re-build. During single player with AI, nation building is nearly impossible and many times the allies were more wealthy than myself, but because they sustained a certain amount of damage it seemed as if the AI gave up.

When using the features to tell the AI to build military, or defense or attack; and after gifting them a couple thousand coin to complete said task, I noticed how AI paid for something else entirely which usually was not enough units of their choice for it to win against another invasion nor to defend; requiring my intervention for the win.

During single player but 2 vs 2: I needed constant attacks against both of my chosen enemies and in conjunction with the allied army whenever they chose to attack for me to always win with an AI ally that was not crippled to some degree. I figured that if I were British with Frances for my ally, that when attacking against Russia and Germany would mean how France would defeat Germany by obeying some of my suggestions using the military diplomatic icons, but for their win to occur would mean I would laterally attack Germany, so France could ultimately defeat them. It was rare that my computer AI would defeat their opponent with only their military power, so if I gifted France with say 3k, I would have no way to tell them which units to build; they just built whatever and the more money I gave they still would not build military nor villagers; it was as if whenever their empire was destroyed and to a certain degree the AI would either give up, or did not begin empire re-building.

Essentially, I began to utilize allied single player mode only for my personal entertainment, and historical relevance, and not actually care about winning because I would nearly always be the only one left fighting anyways; and I would have to make the decision to wipe-out a nearby enemy and next to an ally to ensure my victory because the AI would not listen to me; but the above situations was especially noticeable during 2 v 2 single player with allies selected. Nearly every combination during single player would cause the same randomness i.e. 2 v 2, 3 v 3, 4 v 4; each time I would utilize expert tactics meant how the game would eventually be between me and the remaining opposing AI. For example whether 2 vs 2 or 4 v 4; it was never me with another allied nation(s) remaining. Literally, the scenarios would always result with me vs the remaining strongest nation left and the other allies and enemy nations crippled or stunned etc.

During some point of the game, I thought AI would calculate how my strategies were better, and because stronger meant it would allow me to command them using the available diplomacy features and icons for their survival such as to obey all allied commands, but allies simply would ignore my commands and especially sometime in the mid age III and last age when all tech trees were filled; about the only time they would offer an instant, yes, to my command was after asking them for their coin and mostly from the AI of the Dutch. In fact, the Dutch would gift me with enough coin for themselves to rebuild the entirety of their nation, but after being crippled it was as if the AI was not programmed with the language telling them to begin nation rebuilding with the same fervor as they did beginning in age I. Minimal villagers and minimal military were built meaning AI seemed to give up.

When using the turtle icon and rabbit icon it did not seem to direct the allies to rebuild satisfactorily.

If AOE III programmers want another example: load the Carolinas map and choose Spain as your ally; somehow ensure how their town center is located at the top portion of the map, but your chosen nation is located at the furthest end (North and South); mine was the British; play against two other computer players of your choosing; and utilize the flare feature sporadically throughout the game and including all the diplomacy features and you will notice how they’re mainly ignored, or after having been crippled by an enemy, but when gifted plenty of coin through the market from your nation to re-build they simply did not re-build their empire with anything near to the same vigor as they were initially during Age I up to the last Age. I wanted the allied player to receive 1k-4k coin from me and begin rapidly empire re-building using at least the same or similar tactics as they did at age I; however, I noticed when asking them for coin they gave me more than 1k-4k which seems to mean after their nation is destroyed to degree they cease spending for the necessary repairing and re-building. I don’t know how else to explain the anomaly.