AoE III WarChiefs install error - Windows 10

I’m unable to install AoE III WarChiefs and Asian Dynasties on Windows 10. Failing with error 1158:
Please help


installing from cd? or steam?

Thanks for your reply. This is from CD ROM

Hi, installing an old version from cd is not compatible with windows 10, the installer program is too old.
Try installing the game in compatiblity mode.

-from the internet:

The error 1158 appears during the extraction of the installation file,
not during the actual installation process. This error can be caused by a compatibility problem.

Press right mouse button onto the .exe file.
Select “Properties” in the context menu.
Choose the “Compatibility” tab in order to change the “Compatibility Mode” to:
“Windows XP SP3′′ or try others
Confirm your settings with “apply” and press “OK”
Start the installation again.

good luck

Thanks. I followed the steps but still getting the same error. Please note that no issues running AoE III from CD. I’m only having issues with WarChiefs and Asian Dynasties on Windows 10.

From the Discord server of AOE:

install imgburn then create iso files from your disks and then install them.

I have CD and ISO that I tried installing from unfortunately with the same result

win10 has a feature for playing old games.
Go to ‘Programs and Features’ -> ‘Turn Windows features on or off’ -> activate 'Legacy Components / Direct Play

Thanks @MuddledHarp3927. I had the “legacy components” activated, still having the same issue