AoE IV on Steam Now Possible

Yesterday it was announced on Inside Xbox that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be coming to PC on the Microsoft Store and Steam. This is big news for the Halo community in particular, but at the same time it indicates that the mindset of only releasing Microsoft published games through the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 may have changed.

This bodes well for Age of Empires IV in that players may be able to choose which PC platform they would like to play the game. What hasn’t been announced yet is if cross-play will also be available for MCC. If Microsoft can address cross-play between Microsoft Store and Xbox, it seems like this could possibly be good news indeed for AoE IV.


Oh please, stop. Enough speculation and jumping to conclusions I’ve read the past days already. :slight_smile:
You are mixing up a few things here.

First of all. Cross play between Xbox and PC will not be the problem, both make use of Xbox Live network.

Probably MCC isn’t developed as UWP game to begin with, so it’s possible to release it on Steam too. Steam refuses to support UWP and are not interested in selling their games through Microsoft Store of course as they have their own developer tools and platforms. Cross play between Steam and Xbox Live network could be interesting though, but has been announced (talked about) for long time already. I don’t think it will ever come.

Yet, it doesn’t say anything about if AOE IV would become available on Xbox or on Steam.

Speculation is all we have right now. :wink:

I created this topic because I feel there is a new trend from Microsoft to release their titles on more than just their own Microsoft Store platform. This is more than just about MCC. It highlights a change in mindset since Windows 10 first became available.

By cross-play, I meant cross-play between Steam and Xbox Live. My apologies for not being more clear on that.

In recent history I know of at least one UWP game, Killer Instinct, which was originally release on PC via the Microsoft Store and later became available on Steam, so it’s not out of the question for new titles.

My interests and expectations are that AoE IV will only be available on PC and I hope that Microsoft will give players choice by offering AoE IV for sale on the most popular PC digital distribution platforms, which currently includes Steam. Recent developments seem to indicate that this is now a possibility, where it may not have been the case during the time AoE IV was originally announced.


If it is, that would be good.

I wish AOE would go back to steam.