AOE IV using my second GPU (dual GPU system) bad performance


So in my PC I have two gpus (dual RTX 3080 Fe). Unfortunately for some reason AOEIV is using my second gpu and partially the first one. This creates missing frames and make the experience unpleasant even at minimum settings.

So far I have tried forcing AOEIV to use my first gpu but without success, using individual app selection in Nvidia Control panel, using the “High performance” setting in windows 10 graphics settings (both on steam and AOEIV).

My pc :
32Gb ram
2x RTX 3080
1600w Corsair psu
Fresh Windows 10 Pro install

Is this a bug of something external ? I am aware that sli is dead and not everyone has two gpus so it’s possible the game simply doesn’t know how to react here. And yes my display is plugged in the first gpu. I also updated the drivers just in case but no effect.

Does anyone have a solution ?


Okay so apparently disabling gpu 1 (the second gpu) in device manager « solves » the problem. Unfortunately for me I usually like to use my second gpu to render things in blender and play a game while I wait using my main gpu. So not a great solution but something is better than nothing I suppose.

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Thank you for the report and the update @JetTag520817108! I’ll get this logged so we can check out performance with dual GPUs. Appreciate it!