AoE IV will be a hit starting this year

I remember a few months ago I wrote a similar thread and it was a hot topic.

Although the devs are trying to fix the problems little by little (generating some understandable impatience), in about 2-3 months AoE4 will be the undisputed reference of the RTS. Logically, it will never reach other genres that are easier to play in terms of learning curve, but it can approach the trail of Starcraft 2, which for me is the main objective of this game.

The release of the game for real (Spring 2022) will determine everything I’m saying. It’s a matter of time.


I’m not sure if this will be true, or if it’d be a good thing if it were.

Don’t get me wrong, I love age 4, mainly because it is an age game, but I don’t believe it should become the golden standard for RTS, it’s severely lacking in a lot of aspects and competition is existent and ramping up in the genre, also the integration of RTS, RPG and FPS games in games like bannerlord.

Or having incredible graphics in a city builder type base with unit control and recourse gathering elements, like manor lords seems to promise. Or if you’re familiar with Imperium Romanum, it was a very interesting early mesh of total war like battles and graphics and aoe style resource management with almost cities skylines type building.

I know that’s an odd and not 100% parallel example, I hope you get my point by it.

There’s a lot of diversity and newer ideas in this genre, and comparing this to those and upcoming projects, I can’t say I’m impressed.

I hope so. I really want the game to be a Hit, nevertheles it is already my favorite TRS game.


Maybe 2023. Maybe they will pull a No Man’s Sky. However, the game is still too barren and still has too many issues that make the game unfun to play. Factions are too linear with massive power discrepancies between playstyles, maps are too polarizing, animations canceling, Mongols and Siege still being too dominant, etc. If they update quicker, then maybe some magic can happen. As of now, this patch probably won’t get the people back that are taking a break. Most of those will likely wait until the February patch, assuming it doesn’t break the game again.


It is that it should be and even more so with the purchase of Blizzard by Microsoft.

I expect more love from the devs, if they have to hire the best to give love to the game, let them do what they have to do.

I truly do hope they get everything on track and we end up with a groundbreaking development in the way RTS games feel

I just fear the base isn’t there for that, you can only do so much.

Of course this is all my opinion and my idea of a perfect RTS is probably not the same as yours, that I am sure is a huge consideration/issue for the developers, as they try to appease as many people as possible without pissing off the rest.

Just for reference, my ideal RTS would be a game that had total war like battlefield controls, bannerlord style graphics and combat, the ability to either play as a commander or any unit in your army similar to men of war assault squad 2’s control a unit function, buildings based off utility like age, open world maps including cities and towns players/ais build and economies etc similar to age but in the graphical style of cities skylines or the total war battle maps, but with villagers and buildings and training units directly to the field.

I know this is a pipe dream, as combining so many elements would take a miracle or for me to win the lottery and pay for development myself.

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I highly doubt it, still a lot of people would prefer SC2 just for a simple reason, UI experience, the unit control in AOE4 is so bad, the experience makes anyone with reasonable amount of RTS experience wanna cry a little.


Do you have any experience of other RTS games? This seems like something someone who has only played aoe4 would say. Very odd take for anyone who knows RTS.

More than 20 years.

I am visualizing the game months ahead, not because of the state of now. It all depends on their devs.