AoE Merch


hey there,
T90 posted this image over at twitter:

i can not get in touch with him so i figured i could ask around here.
does anyone have AoE merch (hats/caps are the main thing im looking for but a shirt would be sweet too).

thanks a ton



There has been a lot of promotional merchandise made for Age of Empires over the years. Most of it to date has been available exclusively to Microsoft employees, like what T90 posted.

The Age of Empires community team has had various giveaways with promotional merchandise including the recurring Wololo Wednesday competition, which will return in January 2019.

This past summer the Xbox Official Gear store launched and an Age of Empires t-shirt is currently available for sale. As of this moment, the Age of Empires t-shirt is the only Age of Empires merchandise item available in the Xbox Official Gear store, however I hope that with the upcoming DE releases and AoE IV there will be more Age of Empires merchandise added.


Yeah, it’s never been for sale, that I can recall. But we forum nerds seem to get our hands on stuff every now and again. Makes it that much tastier when you reel something in. :slight_smile:


thanks for the heads up.

so in case anyone has a hat laying around, get at me!


Below is what happens when you stalk the forums for the better part of a decade.

I also have an AoE:DE t-shirt, extra AoM: EE bandana and extra AoM: EE trading pin (not pictured).


Are you selling any of them?


@MSTRSup3rninja I am not selling anything. However, if you live in the USA I can give you some of my extras. Check your PMs.


Monogrammed hoodie to cover bald spot. :slight_smile:

Hang out somewhere long enough, and they start treating you cool.



OK, now I’m jealous.


Hopefully there will be some wearable AoE IV merchandise for sale closer to release.