AoE Mods disaapear

There was a patch or something? Why all my mods were unistalled? i plaued like 5 hours ago and everything was all right, then now I jump to game and isnt, and in consequence lost game bc cant see a hole near woodline.

This is not a first time, when a people complain about this weird behavior with mods. At least give us an information. Should I every time checking if my mods works correctly?

Someone could finally fix this shit

I think it’s because your game probably updated following the Xbox release, so the mods reset again.

Deselecting all mods after a new patch is meant to be a game feature.

I would be okay with that, my main complain is: even if this happens, give us the warning!!!

One workaround is to have a main menu mod, which acts as a warning when it gets disabled.