AOE MP ranked community

I’ve played a fair amount of RTS (~12k hrs) and I dont think ive seen selfish teammates so regularly than AOE. Yeah the match making is bad, putting low and high elo together, but then some players, regardless of skill just doing things that are detrimental to the team.

  1. Pocket players (the ones at the back/middle or surrounded by allies) building multiple castles only in their own bases (I’ve seen up to 6 in an arena) while building nothing on the front lines, while the rest of us are fighting and dying in the front.

  2. Allies getting overwhelmed 2v3, 3v4 etc, while 1 ally just sits back and does nothing to help, responding to no pings or messages, sending no troops. Even after those very same allies might have helped the selfish player earlier in the game…

  3. Players travel across to my closest stone/gold and start harevesting it (while they still have their own) reducing the rate i can gather for myself, without even asking. Same goes for taking the closest relic to me (again it might be ok, if they asked)

  4. If I think of more examples Ill post em

its frustrating enough as it is to be paired with low vs high elo, but then to put up with such selfish/short sighted players is what makes me angry.

More of a rant then anything else, since i know its impossiblre to change this.

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There is a reason why some players have more rating and some less. Obviously if they have less rating, they will take less part in the game, which means they either up slow and just make army (even its useless army) or they just make economy and have army min 40+. You’re asking pretty much why are bad players bad.
But there can also be another reason for whats happening to you (its rather unlikely, but well): if eg. I get a <15xx player in my team, i will play as if this guy is non existant on the map. I will take his secondary gold/stones as I want, usually i’m not taking his sheeps/boars and try to steal stuff from enemy flank, but that depends on my mood. Many players sub that level dont know at all how to use resources, so if they do nothing with 3k gold in the bank or do nothing with 1k gold in the bank isnt a big difference right? I only build castles in their base if i want to push towards the flank, but mostly just to protect my vills collecting their resources or my farm eco. The flank will just be a “better battering ram” for me, that soaks the fire, if he dies he dies. If he resign, he resigns. I have to admit it’s evil, but its the best approach.


No, it’s not. You’re not letting people play. Plus, your resources should be enough for you to play, and win (with extra gold or stone)

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Well it’s not me keeping them away from spending their resources. Spend your resources and you are free to use them. My resources dont laster forever, if i’m trying to flood the map with pala, mangudais, eagles whatever i need quite some gold. A constant production requires a constant trade. If nobody makes a mkt and nobody protects the trade, taking your <15xx allys res is the way to go. It’s evil, but it works. This is the result of being forced to play with ppl in a team, that i would honestly never ever play with in voobly, simply because of the huge skill gap.
This doesnt mean that i’m trying to intentionally disrespect anyone, i’m just being realistic. If i have a 2k2+ friend team I usually wont play any other team that doesnt have at least 19xx average rating, because these games are pointless and no fun for both sides and you also get no points from them.


Pretty much, the mm is bad then if you get paired with totally different level players, but I gotta agree with point 2 if people are not even messaging with you when you try to confront them as to what are they doing or going to do, can be very annoying. Relics, I don’t really care who takes them as long as it is my team that gets them. And people can tribute res to teammates when in need so it doesn’t matter who has the relic. But then again, if the person does not communicate with the team at all and does nothing to help the victory, it’s pointless to even play the match.