AOE needs to hotfix the game breaking bugs SOONER not later

It’s the weekend, and AOE hasn’t taken it upon themselves to hotfix the 2 major game breaking bugs. You know what they are and you haven’t even done ANYTHING to disable the broken mechanics OR announce what they are to the multiplayer base so they are at least aware. C’mon, you guys should be better than this…

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Boe, this type of post is not helpful and will not accomplish faster results. Software engineering is far more complex. A game this size requires planning and a lot of testing. Yes, it might seem like the game was half tested due to the number of bugs, but this is actually not that bad. Yes, there are OP exploits, and yes, this affects competitive play, but taking out the virtual whip and hurtful words will not make the devs finish any sooner. Most likely they’ll dismiss your post and laugh about it over drinks.

Instead, be patient and provide useful feedback and let the devs properly design and test fixes. They’ll get around the major issues.



It would be cool if we don’t clutter the bug report section with opinion pieces. Leave these things in the discussion section please.

Also, as @webJose mentioned I am sure the devs are aware that everybody being able to use literal cheat codes is a problem, so either their Winter Patch comes out real soon or they should consider hotfixing these issues, if needed through band aid solutions like disabling certain techs etc.


Sorry, but that is just a sad excuse… and yes, they had some very poor planning… I mean really… Basing resource refunds on the HP of buildings when there’s tech that increases building HP… C’mon. The relic bug should be a simple fix… you implement an error in the only buildings that allow negative relics preventing removal of infinite relics… just don’t allow it. It’s only hard if they make it hard, and you imagine it to be so. Sure, they can laugh about it over drinks as we laugh at them for being terrible game developers :wink: Don’t get me wrong, I’m good now that I’m aware of it… but it’s pathetic and I can’t really trust them to properly take care of a game in the future. I will look into existing exploits ahead of time rather than be subject them… because I can’t trust them to put together a functional game. What do I need to be patient for? Their neglect and laziness to resolve major issues? I’m trying to press the issue because their reputation and people continuing to enjoy the game is the only thing at stake. They’ve had plenty of time with these ones bud.

Yes, I suggested certain things like that. Oh well, I’m done caring if they don’t care to make it a priority. It is what it is.