AOE remasters on MS doo doo store


How long do you think we will be stuck with shitty ms until the remasters are released on steam, and will only windows 10 be able to play these games or will they re work it so 8 can also play these games?


Good joke. If they let die AoE DE you think they gonna support steam, or Win8?
But the final decision was from steam not MS.


what are you even saying, lmao


It is exclusively for Windows 10. In an interview Microsoft said there MAY be a chance of getting a steam release in the future. So this means they have thought about it. But it will be for windows 10 only.


I love rts under Microsoft Studios as these rts are Windows friendly:)


Quite possibly forever.


Pushing MS Store and Windows 10 appears to be the main reason why more remasters are being made in the first place, and converting the games to UWP/Xbox Live is a huge chunk of the work being done.


Steam doesn’t want to sell their games through Windows Store either, while they easily could create a Steam UWP client app which can do all the things that their Steam desktop client does.


They are so lame for that, and why only windows 10, they are greedy just want to manipulate more ppl into downloading (buying) windows 10 or getting a new computer that has it. Windows ten isnt special its just annoying and has more ■■■■ they can monitor you with (watch you), ms are some fuckheads


All great corporations does this, lol.