AOE series is a game played by a combination of several units

The same is true for AOE3. No matter how strong Ashigaru is, Japan cannot beat opponents with that unit alone. I hope the developer doesn’t forget this.

Actually, fully carded and Dutch Embassy Arsenal Ashigaru, can win the game on their own.

The only support they may need, is Morutarus. Ashis are the best Musk in the game by far, and with all cards they became an unversal counter-all.

Most Muskets can win games on their own.

I have never seen musket gunmen other than Ashigaru beat musketeer, including Xbow. Even the sepoys are hard to beat them without the help of gurkha or sowar.

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You can easily outmass your enemy combo with mass muckets. One of the easiest rushes you can do with ports or British.

In fact,mass muskets typically require either cannons or an equal mass of LI.

I can affirm against it that I can easily stop it with FF and 2 Falconet cards.

Doubtful. FF is auto loss vs mass muskets. 2 cannons cannot stop 30-40 muskets. You put them in cover mode, get close, melee, gg falconets.

Certainly FF is anxious, but if you achieve it successfully, you can stop Musketeer spam. Even if it isn’t, trying to attack with Musketeer alone is just an all-in strategy. It’s an easy-to-block strategy for players who have enough ability to stop it.

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Which Musket units have access to Cover Mode? I haven’t seen any myself and always assumed it was exclusive to Melee Infantry.

They have access to the mode that lowers aoe damage through spacing. May have missed the names though.