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I apologize to anyone I may have gotten incorrect information on or missed. At the time @HandSoloh I believe weren’t playing much DE if any at all and still playing AoE on Voobly, I also didn’t know if you would continue playing DE but good to see that you are.

@Nakamura_RTS I wasn’t on your stream for very long at the time as I was hunting for as many players to showcase and came off with the impression that you were still the head of balance for AoM.

Unfortunately, I cannot edit the showcase to add more streamers or make changes to the descriptions. Some other things have changed such as changing his URL to


@yokohamab said:
Great job Epic

I want to introduce japanese AOE players streaming URL, but I got this message “You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links” ,cound not write URL.

What should i do?
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Hi All.

Just wanted to let everyone know I stream AOE: DE as well. You can find me at

I appreciate your support and views. I answer questions and talk with chat.



Hi Guys, I have played AOE Rise of Rome for many, many years. I’m really excited about Definitive Edition. Just want to let everyone know that I stream on Youtube as well

I also recently made many how to videos:

1) How to Tool Rush
2) How to Bronze Rush
3) How to Iron Rush

There are more videos on AOE Definitive Edition, check it out when you have time.

Catch a game with me anytime. Feel free to add me as friend, username noccster.

Thank you! See you around.


Thanks @rhrmn

Looks great!

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I’m twitching as well now :smiley:


Let me introduce our JP clan member’s streaming URL
High level players are streaming. Check it out!

AoE Game & Support Resources

One of the oldest AOE non expansion players here. HEAVEN_Conan, Conan_123, Chibi2Nasty, tons of names i was like 9-10 when I first started playing.

I stream everyday and also host “Learn with a AOE God Fridays” to repopulate the fan base/ and make new players better so that the current community have more Expert players instead of playing 6 min DM games vs n00bs.

My Twitch is ----------
I also broadcast to facebook, mixer and youtube.



Hi everyone, I’m a new streamer.
Please subcribe my chanel:


Hi, Welcome to my channel. I usually play with experts in DM and RM


Hi SoiGia, I have subscribe your channel


Hi !

List of Brazilian streamers
Kali gLg