AOE Update 34397 Unavailable on MS store

The January 13th update for the game on the steam store is not on the Microsoft store, so i’m unable to join certain games and can’t play with any of my friends cross steam. Is there anyway to fix this problem and get on the same patch or update my client? The update doesn’t seem to be on the Microsoft store. Currently on patch 34223 and the updated version is 34397.

Hi welcome here. I just checked and it is available.

First open MS Store and make sure all regular updates are installed (like Game Services). If you don’t get an update notification of AOE II DE then look into installed apps and there click on AOE II DE once. The MS Store page of AOE II DE opens and you will spot on top an arrow down marker which indicates that there are updates available. Now when you open Downloads and updates again you can trigger the download of the update.

I hope that you’ll find this helpful.


Fixed! I restarted my computer and the update became available on the MS Store, thanks for the help.

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In my case when I open the game in MS Store it triggers a license check which will also trigger the update check and notify me of available updates. No restart necessary. Just try this trick the next time.

Where is the in game stand alone friends list?

There is no such feature in DE. The best you can have is to create/join a clan.

In this age I’m sure the developers can do better than that. Are any of you insider members letting them know that we need an in game friends list?

This has been debated in the past on the forum already. There are so many alternatives. Xbox Companion Console, Steam, Discord and so on.

There really is no debate. There should be stand alone friends list for once inside the game