So hey. I guess it would be an good idea to share my story with you guys! I started playing with pc in 2008-2009 not sure, somewhere there i built my first pc (hd4850,e8400,4gb of ram of 864mhz (or something) powered by asrock mobo), i remember it was the killer pc, everyone came to me to play pc games, sick. From there i started playing runescape, it was and is pretty big map, and i wanted to build something like it, and i started searching for building games, first came up was sims ofcourse, but it wasn’t for me, and i found aoe1, i was so hyped about it, even more than first runescape 99 skill. Played it whole nights and days (sadly or luckly).

Post why you like aoe, what memories you have, and how did you find it.

Ps. Sorry for poor english.