[AOE1] AI is too easy / not challanging at all

Hello guys, I have a problem with the first AoE game from 1997. I did post this on reddit but nobody seems to have any clue.

It is a Gold edition pack with whole official setup wizard, so it isn’t some modified installation or at least I think it can’t be. However when I install the game, the AI is way too easy. I remember back in the days of WIN XP, even moderate setting was quite difficult when me and my lad played co-op and back then we had some skills!

Now even on hardest setting it seems that the opponenst do not work properly. Most of the time they don’t even develop fully, some even stay in the 1st age until the very end or they just don’t make any army, very rarely do they attack at all…

I do have the latest Unofficial HD patch installed from: https://upatch-hd.weebly.com/

but I haven’t found any other people to have trouble with it like me…

The same thing happens when I play on Win 7, 8 or 10.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this? I thought that it could be due to AI logic working a bit differently on newer windows due to differently generated random parameters or whatever if that makes sense lol.

Thanks for the help.

Did you patch AOE 1 to version 1.0c before installing UPatch? I know it should be included with UPatch, but maybe there is some difference without patching it to 1.0c release first.

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No I haven’t patched it beforehand… But then again even all that time ago when I was using XP, I didn’t have it patched to the latest version…

I have to say that when I go to multiplayer lobby, it says that i have version 1.0 so not sure about that…

Do you launch the game as administrator? And do you start the correct executable file?

Please check everything below important heading.

Here they also talk about fixes regarding the problems you just mentioned, so it might be that you only need to update UPatch HD again.