AoE1: DE from Window Store contains a virus!

So I just downloaded the new version of Age of Empires 1: Definitive Edition, as requested in order to have access to crossplay with Steam users, and when I tried launching it I got this beauty of an alert:

Also, now I have two AoE1: DEs installed, both from MS Store. I was expecting for my version to have been updated, but no, a different copy was installed altogether.


Antivirus…it says notepad++ and VS code is a virus too. I think it is combination of dev and these type of companies not communicating well. I think MS can fix this for sure. I would put it in ignore list if you’re downloading from MS store.

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It is an entirely new game client. You can uninstall the old client as it will not update any more. The latest patch should also help with the antivirus issue. If you are already updated to patch 28218 and are still reciving this error, you may need to whitelist the game in your AV software. You can find instructions on how in our FAQ:

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