I have tried over 100 times to try and beat this dang mission. I go to convert an enemy villager and then ALL of the villagers attack my priest and kill him before he can even convert 1 villager, OR, I get 1 or 2 villagers before they all turn and attack my priest and then before I can even get to the Tool Age I have the other team coming in and wiping out my village.



Start the mission with the hardest difficulty. In hardest the enemy villagers won’t be so aggressive as they are in other difficulties. Getting 3 villagers is enough to get a good start.

Build your base at your starting locations (bottom left corner) and go up to a total of 14 villagers before getting into Tool Age. (you need to hunt the deer and collect fishes with both villagers and Fishing Boats to get enough food.)

At Tool Age build towers to defend, and use farms to get enough food to click into Bronze.(Don’t forget to train more villagers.)

At Bronze Age start massing Composite Bowmen.

Once you can get out of your starting base go upwards and get control of the forest at the left side of the map. Switch your units into a mix of Chariot Archers, Stone Throwers and Composite Bowmen in order to deal with the enemy towers and priests.

This mission is long and tedious. Total time I spent on this mission was 1h 37min and I had 435 kills and 205 losses.


I tried and tried and tried over and over on standard… AND I FINALLY BEAT IT! I somehow got 5 villagers converted and had my priest alive for a long time to help heal and convert enemy troops. Then i stocked up to about 750 food and wood and took all my villagers (22) and had them mine stone and i quick built 5 towers while defending at the water with the group of troops i had created to keep them away from my villagers bc they kept killing them every other time. By the time i was done building the towers i had enough food and wood to train a nice sized army and then i built 3 towers at the river crossing and slowly moved in further and further making 30 troop parties with 20 villagers working.


Honestly, I just got lucky in the beginning.

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As it turns out when you start converting villagers and the rest of them is comming to get you, you just need to move the priest away from the spot where it started converting them. They wont find the priest and will go back to work. I saved the game after every converted villager and managed to get all of them. Than mass produce bowman untill i could produce chariot archers and had enough stone to seal their base with towers. At this point just build the towers in their base. Still took me about ten attempts and a lot more save/load. Its not really fun tbh because even on easy its impossible to do for first timers in this game. And basiclly this whole game is randomized when it comes to difficulty.

The first 10000000 times I tried the villagers would seriously chase my priest. Thats why I said I got lucky because I was able to do the whole convert then move before they got to me. I’ll tell you what… I was soooo mad at this game. Then I beat that campaign and I feel like a champ and I am super hungry for more. This reminds me so much of my younger years. Nostalgic!

Good work! I agree a successful start is key to this scenario.

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