AoE2 Daily Challenges Question

I got the Bonus logging in the other day with my XBox account. Today I got over 1997 gold from gathering and I didn’t get the bonus. Do I have to finish a match for these bonuses to count?

I think you need to click the “let’s go” button for the challenge to count. Today I spammed camels in a TG but it didn’t count for the 10 camels challenge so I had to go in single player to do it again.

Otherwise, if you did click this button to go to the challenge, as long as you leave using the “resign” button and not the “quit game” one the challenge should count.

That’s what I did, I quit not resigned. Ugh. Alright. Thank you!

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You actually have to make 10 generic camels, not heavy camels.

This is a requirement since when? Never heard about this rule…

It’s not. (char limit)

Well I thought they had changed it and that was why it didn’t count for me at first, but FoughBird’s explanation might be the right one since I indeed made heavy camels in the first game and normal camels in the second.

Yes you do have to click “the lets go” button in order to receive the reward just like in AoE 3 DE. I think it’s the trigger to check if you’ve done the challenges.

You can’t do them all on the same day. The next challenge becomes available for completion 24 hour after you have completed the previous one. Something like that. The one you are trying to do is maybe not ‘unlocked’ yet and you have to wait? Hope this helps.

No, this is false.

I just got one of the rewards in a random ranked game. I didnt click the lets go button at all.

Thanks for verifying, I thought it might be like in AoE 3 DE.

Oh, it was unlocked, but it turns out it had to be normal camels, not heavy camels.