AoE2: DE AoE3: DE AoE4 Multiplayer section reconnecting to the disconnected game

As i experienced AoE3: DE and AoE2: DE the main issue among thoose games’ ranked is when you get disconnected from the game you can not reconnect. Especially AoE3: DE client gets closed a lot for some reason in many user’s computer. And in my opinion this is one of the things that is most easy to develop and at the same time one of the things that is most benefical thing to make better Ranked games.

I hope developer team would find a solution for that or make AoE4 without this problem


yeah, in 4vs4 is a pain in the as*&^*&… a reconnect option to active match will be great…

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Would also suggest for the game to auto pause in case of a player disconnect. Since the disconnect might not only be caused by the client, but also internet or computer crash and ruin the game for 8 players.