AoE2 DE Beta Not Taken Seriously, Keys Distributed to the wrong users?!

What If I tell you that almost all of the active community members did not receive any beta keys yet. We feel that someone who actually recognizes the community players and understands better whom is prioritized to receive keys, for instance, Cysion is the perfect candidate to get the job done.

Already 4500 invites of AoE2 DE Beta invites were sent out to the wrong participants. Priority should be given to active community members to help debug the game as best as it can and actually help out in the multiplayer section.

I have heard that there are almost no 1v1 games in multiplayer and it’s been 2 months already. I don’t think you are taking the Beta Testing seriously…


Hi guys, I’m a little lost here when it comes to the beta access key.


I agree with you sir , i check my mail box and age of empires Forums everyday and still no invite


Yeah, i agree, we want to give some advice for the game but without the beta key, its kinda hard

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Hey there! Since this thread is based purely on speculation and spreading misinformation, I am locking this thread.

Beta participants are selected based on specific requirements for the particular event or playtest, and are drawn from the over 80,000 participants who completed the registration process. At this early stage of development, then only limiting factor is usually your tech specs, since the game will demand more resources before it is properly optimized.