AOE2 DE bootcamp windows 10 multiplayer problem on macbook pro

Hi there,

The game runs just fine when I play a standard offline game. But multpiplayer game does not work.

I use a macbook pro from 2017 so that should not be a problem. I have installed windows 10 with bootcamp. I only use windows voor AO2. I did not register windows with a product key. I dont want to spend 145 euro’s only for aoe2.

Is there a way to play ae2 online without the productkey for windows 10?

Hope someone can help me.


Found the problem…you need to register xbox live :smile:

This did not help!!!

I am using '21 Mac Air M1 playing through parallels with Win. 11, which should work just fine from all that I read.

I am signed into xbox live and everything else that I am supposed to be, but still not working.