AoE2 DE Civilisation Builder

Hi, we need a Civilisation Builder addon for this game. A custom civilisation could receive an aggregated ‘Strength Score’ depending on what technologies and bonuses are permitted for a custom civ by the creator. The Strength Score could also perhaps include a ‘Balance Score’ component - meaning a civ can only be a full-on cavalry civ (or infantry/ archer/ monk, etc. civ) to a point. It may also have a ‘Uniqueness Factor’ component - meaning that a custom civ may never ever be an exact replica of some other civ with just a different name.

There can then be a Strength Score cutoff, and no player may go higher or lower than a certain range.

How does that sound? C’mon Microsoft and Forgotten Studios, this will REALLY boost the popularity of this game!


I agree with this, but the problem is, people will start making many unbalanced civs and btw, how are you gonna find models for UUs?

just like before by making them

How though? You don’t have the tools the devs have.

Even a mapmaker like Doom SnapMap couldn’t let you add new things

Empire Earth has this feature and it’s not popular.
Having played this myself, I found I just figured out the best set of bonusses and re-used that every game.
In AoE2 each civ has it’s own character, strengths and weaknesses.
Which also allows the civs to be balanced.
How are you going to balance a custom civ?