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Dear AOE2:DE developers,

I hope you are well.

I am opening this topic in order to place a very specific request. In light of some statements made by members of your team, it has become clear that your team does not wish to add more civilizations to Age of Empires 2 in the future.

However, the community does believe that the game could use some more civilizations as some important ones are not included in the game. These include empires such as Kanembu, Tibet, Jurchen, Ghaznavids and Chola but also significant kingdoms such as Kongo, Great Zimbabwe, Georgia, Wallachia+Transylvania (Romanians), Serbia, Thai.

Therefore, I think it would be of great benefit to the game and the community if Age of Empires 2 included a Civilization Builder similar to what Empire of Earth had back in the day. The way it worked was the following:

A. You had a list with all the possible bonuses a civilization could have based on the category of units (infantry, archers, cav, siege etc.), buildings, economy (free or discounted techs), priests, villagers, and general civ bonuses.
B. Each bonus would have a point cost, so if you chose +20% armor for melee infantry it would cost 2 points.
C. You had 100 points to spend allowing you to create a unique civ with their bonuses.

The additional features this Civilization Builder would require for Age of Empires 2 are a category for the Unique Technologies, and a Unique Unit modifier where you can chose one of the existing units and change their stats. Finally, you would also be able to chose a custom or an existing building set for this custom civilization.

These custom civilizations would be added to the existing roster and could be put up on the Microsoft page for the mods. Therefore, it they would be playable in single player by those who download them, or in multiplayer if all the players agree to include them in their game. As a result, it would not affect the current competitive multiplayer scene and ELO.

A list of the possible civilization bonuses in Age of Empires 2 is found below:

Some of my own civilization suggestions below:

I realize that development of AOE2:DE is nearing its end and that any requests for the game are unlikely to be included in the game by the time of the release date, so I hope this ends up being part of the game at some point in the future.

Thank you for your time and attention.


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hello everyone, i want to suggest something about cumans and tatars architecture, i think these architectures are very fit to persian and saracens, so i hope to change persian and saracens architectures to cumans architectures. also i wish if there is treaty time or peace time in the game

I would agree about the Persians, but not for the Saracens.

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Yes I heard Cysion saying they are running out of history and unlikely for them to add more civs, when civs like Moldavia, Transylvania, Wallachia played an important role in medieval Europe.

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Perhaps Cysion means that there is not enough historical information for a full campaign, but I wouldn’t think this would be the case for the Tibetan, Jurchen, or Chola empires. Additionally, the Vlad campaign is mostly a Romanian campaign but it has the Magyars instead. Moreover, short campaigns could be made for the Kanem, Georgians and Kongo.

But assuming that there is not enough material for any of the civs above in order to make a full campaign for them, that should not be a reason for not including these civs in the game. But if the developers stick to that policy, the introduction of a civ builder for the game would be mandatory.

If they are looking for some kind of way to make them distinguishable civs from the existing ones well I have provided my suggestions for civs in the original post.

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i think they should to fix and improve some civs, i don’t think the community need more civs but some important civilizations in medieval age must be fixed, like changing the architecture of some civs, i sugest to change the architectures of 4 civs : persian ,saracens, chinese and japanese.
saracens architectures are not very fit to arabs architectures in real life, its fit more to turks.
and chinese architectures must be separated from the japanese just like Age of Empires 3 The Asian Dynasties, because these civs are very important in meddle ages

A different building set for the Japanese alone might be unlikely. But I agree, Persians need a different architecture building set. I think the new one for the Tatars and the Cumans is much more fitting for the Persians rather than the Middle East one they currently have. This is off topic though.