AoE2 DE killed my GPU Drivers

Played AoE2 DE likle 30 min ago and the game crashed. I was unable to close the game and had to shutdown my PC. During this my GPU primarie Driver was killed and now my GPU has to use the secondarie one till i can flash the bios to repair it.

plz Dev do something about this, cause a game that kills your hardware isnt worth ■■■■.

Play on Steam and specs are:

Ryzen 1800x
2070S Twin Fan Zotac
B450-F Gaming


Weird, I play on another PC with a FX-6300 and Gigabyte GTX760. I have not had any problems.

Have a similar problem now. There was a problem with high GPU usage for just being in the main menu earlier which was fixed, and now its back. Even got 100% usage in Options menu, game lobby is around 60% and ingame is also 80-100% which makes me unable to play this game at the moment. I was afk around 60 minutes in the first game after the latest patch arrived, and my gpu had 86°C. There is something wrong, dont have this issue when im playing other games, please have a look into it.

We’re investigating an issue that is causing really bad performance, sorry for the inconvenience.
Can I ask you what GPU model you have?
Thank you.