Aoe2 DE Multiplayer Restore game

Hi there,
Would like to get some answers/help regarding an issue with restoring games me and my friend are having.
The main issue is that we aren’t able to restore a saved game we just played a day ago, even after testing it with a new saved game that’s only 20 seconds long we can’t get it to work.

To elaborate on what is going wrong exactly, when my buddy hosts the lobby and restores the game we are able to get into a lobby. But after I download the saved game my civ changes to Britons and then we get an Error that’s related to an index issue or something. Basically we can’t start it up.

Now if I on the other hand save the game and try to restore it, I crash every time I try to load the game in the lobby. In this case I can’t even create a lobby. So we are thinking the issue is on my side, but what exactly we don’t know.

So any help is appreciated we really want to find a fix for this.

Guys, should we tell him?

Hmm did I post in the wrong forum? If so my bad first time I am here. Hopefully a mod can move it to the right section.