AoE2 DE Win-Loss Ratio, Win-Streak, and 'AKA Rate' in Game Lobbies

Voobly offers pre-match information about all players in a game lobby: including win-loss ratios, current win-streak values, and secondary account elo rating information (‘AKA Rate’).

AoE2 HD Edition (now known as the “2013 edition”) on Steam lacks this feature, and this makes being smurfed/ hustled a genuine problem on Steam. In fact, right now, it’s impossible to even tell if a 1600 elo player on HD is an experienced player, or if they’re playing their first game of AoE2.

Is there any news about whether the Definitive Edition will adopt an advanced game lobby informatics system like Voobly has for a while now?


I agree this would be really helpfull, the least we could get is maybe have an option to see our opponent’s rank/rating before/after the match.

It has been revamped…see (around 4:15 is where Ranked games are discussed)

I propose showing only the rank label in lobby (such as gold, silver etc.) I don’t want to be penalized by hosts for having a lot of games played.