AOE2 DEF doesnt start

The game is up to date from steam. I am able to start all other steam games (including aoe2) for about a week, I have not been able to start aoe2 def edition. I have reinstalled the game twice, yet it has had no effect.
What can I do, in order to get the game working?


Only thing you can do for the moment is reinitialising the app, like explained in the following link:

Once done, you’ll have to press “install” on the texture pack, but don’t worry it’s already installed, it will take a few seconds.
Then you can play ONE time and u’ll have to repeat the same operation everytime.
It’s really getting on my nerves because i’m facing the same issue since 10 days :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry if my english is not perfect.

Thanks for help! Love ya

Does not work for me. Repair, Reset, still not starting.

Bootlogo flashes and that’s it.

The game doesn’t start for me either. I’ve played for 200+ hours on steam and now for no reason it doesn’t work anymore!

You also have to (re) install the enhanced graphics pack, this will be done fast, since it’s already on your PC.
This only works once, though, have to repeat the same steps every time you launch the game.

Nope. Not working. Installed all new too, still only the first logo and then nothing.